Do You...

  • Often feel like you get stuck in the middle of your painting and don’t know how to work through to the end?
  • Feel unable to trust your own intuitive creative intelligence?
  • Feel afraid to take risks with your paintings?
  • Wonder how to decide if your painting is finished?

These are all important issues that I struggled with for years. Eventually, with practice and persistence I was able to work through them and find more ease and joy in my painting practice. Isn’t that we all want in our creative practice?

In this two part video program I will walk you through my own painting process, showing you how I start a painting, what I’m thinking when I start as well as my insights along the way, what types of tools I use and how I use them, how I embrace risk and experimentation during the process, how I work through the difficult and sometimes scary middle phase and how I know when I am reaching the finish line, as well as some of the criteria I use to evaluate knowing when my painting is done.

Here's what the program includes:

Nearly an hour of video instruction plus two bonus handouts:

  • Mindset and 10 Tips for Embracing Your Creative Practice
  • Working Through a Painting: When is it Finished?

Extend your learning with us!

The program also includes membership in our private Facebook Community Art Smart. There you can share your thoughts and ideas and interact with artists just like you, gaining courage and inspiration.

New for 2022

Join me and students from my other courses to ask questions, share your progress and learn from one another:

  • Monthly Zoom Group question and answer sessions for as long as you would like to attend
  • A quarterly 2 hour live Zoom painting event where we will paint together in our studios

All for the price of $47

Creative Again!

by Janis S.

I have been wanting to get word to you how much this mini course has helped me break out of a creative void. I have been painting non stop since I watched the videos. Julie, there was something about the way you presented this that really got through to me. I have been struggling for so long with being stuck and afraid. I didn’t know how to get back to the free creative person I was years ago. The bonus materials helped so much! I owe you for therapy!!

An Amazing Class!

by Cassie C.

Julie’s class, start to finish Is just what I needed to help me get past the middle stage in my paintings where I always get stuck. I learned new techniques that I hadn’t heard before and I’ve taken a lot of abstract classes! This class is one I’ll watch again and again. And the best part is that she helped me defeat my self doubt so I don’t get discouraged and give up. Thank you Julie for an amazing class! I can’t wait to learn more from you.

Thank you Julie

June M.

I noticed Julie's program on the Internet and thought I would welcome inspiration. The fee was so reasonable. . .Julie is inspirational and generous with her knowledge and experience. She covers every aspect of painting, including tools, ideas, products that she uses, etc. I enjoy the way she teaches and demonstrates her process. I came away with some new ideas and had fun in the process. . .Thank you Julie for your generous spirit in art.